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About AEX

It’s America’s Turn

We’re network operators, who just like you, experienced exciting challenges during South Africa’s fiber gold rush, when the country’s copper infrastructure was failing.

AEX brings 10 years of learnings and best practices to America’s new fiber frontier, with OSS/BSS software to manage, monitor, and automateboth Closed and Open Access networks.

  • Vendor agnostic
  • Scalable
  • Single, unified view of the network

The AEX Team

In 2022, AEX began moving its operations, IP, and management team to the United States—establishing a new headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. AEX’s CEO, Hanel Kumm has built her team of networking, business-flow, and fiber-knowledge experts to extract the most value out of your network and processes.

Our Team:

  • Engineers
  • Network Operators
  • Developers
  • An engaged C-Suite with technical knowledge 
"Everyone brings their salespeople, but AEX brings technical experts to every conversation. That’s what our customers value most."

Greg Wilson

AEX Founder

Our Software

  • Tier 1 solution that is attainable for smaller networks
  • Simultaneously runs Active Ethernet and GPON
  • Portal up and running in 6-8 weeks*
  • No implementation, set-up, or licensing fees

*Most Greenfield projects

AEX has live deployments in WA and NC, both private and public, with many more to come.

"Systems in the network management space need to tread a fine line between abstracting complex network setup and end user usability. AEX has been walking this line for years now, and we have the knowledge, experience and systems to prove it."

Hanel Kumm

CEO, AEX South Africa​

Our timeline

AEX is founded

Pioneers open access environment for FNOs + ISPs to extend reach rapidly.

AEX works with 8 FNOs and 80 ISPs to
reach 750 000 homes.

New national fibre optic network established.

Active subscriber base growth of 162%
from 2019 - 2020

Achieved through vendor integration, including
Huawei, Ubiquiti, Adtran, Calix, Nokia, Zhone
and CDATA.

Global expansion - sign up of UK clients

Achieved through vendor integration, including Huawei, Ubiquiti, Adtran, Calix, Nokia, Zhone and CDATA.

AEX dominates the South African fiber market:

70% market share and 3M homes passed

AEX announces it will become an American company

Begins moving its IP, management team, and operations to Charlotte, NC.

AEX grows operations, IP, and management team in the U.S.
Today we focus on:
  • Bringing automated and scalable systems to network operators throughout the US.
  • Partnering with clients to share our expertise in networks, automation, and OSS/BSS software.
  • Continually improving our software to the benefit of all our clients.

Our mission is to:

Meet our clients’ new and evolving challenges by continually keeping them in a phase of delivery and engaging through a collaborative partnership model to optimize and solve complex problems that allow them to grow their fiber footprint faster.

Our vision is to:

Become the market leader in best-in-class, automated, scalable OSS/BSS software for network operators to help transform the American broadband market.

Our Values





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  • Improve customer service & promote greater subscriber retention.