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Simplify and demystify complex networks

We have incredible talent behind the scenes, including highly qualified software developers, technical consultants, business developers and a professional support team.

"When it comes to software, there will always be one more scenario that no one considered. Our responsibility is to find those holes and plug them quickly, not tell you sorry and good luck!"

Hanel Kumm


Industries in which we’re currently making a difference

Open or Closed Access:

Open Access: Enable multiple ISPs to be a part of your workflows, with access to view live end-to-end monitoring.

Closed access: Enable management of the entire network from one single platform.

Internet Service Provider:

We enable ISPs to integrate into network operators.

Access into NO’s network to view their client’s infrastructure.

Greenfields and Brownfields:

Setting up a new network to get to market quickly.

Moving from complex legacy systems to a unified view of the entire network.

AEX helps network operators prioritize the customer experience, mitigate risk, and modernize their operations & workflows.

No matter how specific the need, we can help with workflow mapping and automated support to scale any size network quickly.

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  • We can help you scale your network quickly & more efficiently.
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