AEX Automation

Managed Services for Fiber Network Operators

More than just software, AEX offers an operating model for networks with pre-templatized, but completely customizable workflows that span the entire scope of network operations.

The Essential Network Elements:

Area Selection

Choosing the right location and size is crucial as it determines the necessary infrastructure components needed to support the network buildout.

Technology Selection & Supply

When building a network, it is important to choose an OEM that aligns with your product strategy, price, and availability, as well as ensuring that your backhaul services are aligned with your current and future requirements.

Core Network provisioning

Effective project management and network provisioning are essential for a successful buildout.

FttX Build

Deploy the necessary backhaul and OLT infrastructure to support your network.

Automated Provision & Billing

Network Operator Conduct FTTx construction.

Core Network Management

Thoroughly test the network to ensure it meets performance and reliability standards.

Customer Service Interface

Provision customer service to support the needs of your end-users.


Establish management, maintenance, and monitoring processes to ensure the network is operating at optimal levels.


Provide a customer service interface that enables your end-users to easily access and utilize your network services.

AEX has perfected the ultimate model for designing and delivering OSS/BSS software.

AEX Value Proposition

AEX will be there with you every step of the way, advising and solving complex problems to optimize and automate your network.​​

Purpose-built Software for Network Operators

We are network operators building and implementing zero-touch OSS/BSS software.

Collaborative Partnership

-We keep you in a continual phase of delivery to optimize and future-proof.

Managed Services for Network Operators

We leverage our technical expertise to modernize your operations and workflows.

Whether you are setting up a new network or moving from old legacy systems, AEX is invested in your network’s success.

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