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Built by network operators for network operators

Built by network operators for network operators

Our extensive experience in providing support to network operators across the most challenging continent has demonstrated that a focus on these five key elements within the value chain is pivotal to achieving successful outcomes.

  • Plan

    The sales process starts before the network build.

    Show-My-Interest Campaigns

    • Create awareness, pre-sales and guide network build.
    • Launch data driven campaigns to pre-vetted areas.
    • Track interest until financially viable (% Uptake).
    • Convert to sales once in build or live.
    • Reduce time to prospect and inform builds.
  • Build

    Accurately identifying where and when to build is crucial for network success.

    Completely Customizable Project Management Suite

    • GIS integration and visualization for accurate network planning, implementation and forecasting to rapidly enable earmarked locations, using maximum ROI. ​
  • Maximize

    Accelerate uptake using campaign and referral features.

    Launch Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously

    The AEX Sales and Marketing stack includes comprehensive campaigning tools:

    • Campaign unique tracking links
    • Referral campaigns.
    • Field Sales Agent Application.
    • All leads tracked in real-time and tracked against the lead source.
  • Operate

    Your Processes, Automated the Way You Want.

    AEX’s platform intelligently automates workflows for a seamless user experience across installation, service activation, provisioning, service changes, and cancellations.

    Work order dashboards are enabled to provide network operators with a single pane of glass view into the various order statuses.

  • Support

    A truly omnichannel support experience.

    AEX Infrastructure offers clients a fully managed omni-channel customer service desk capable of interacting with customers via Chat, Email, Phone and Text message.

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