Our Beginnings


AEX is redefining the OSS/BSS software landscape in the fiber industry in the U.S.

We built a modern SaaS platform that uses all the latest database technologies and most recent API integrations to deliver a comprehensive solution–giving network operators everything they need to operate, automate, manage, and rapidly scale a fiber network all in one place. AEX meets every need and touchpoint along the journey–from the moment a user wants see if fiber is feasible or available in their area, to placing an order, capturing billing details, getting an engineer out to their house, installing the fiber and getting it up and running, through to equipment automation, the billing processes, and ultimately looking after the customer from all of the operational processes that need to happen.

Greg Wilson, Founder

In 2000, Greg Wilson, a network operator and founder of AEX | Automation Exchange, had a vision to provide high-value, end-to-end solutions for building and managing networks for information and communication technologies (ICT).

Compared to the U.S., South Africa's fiber market is more advanced by at least a decade. In South Africa, fiber was initially deployed to connect security cameras that are installed to protect the telecommunications infrastructure from copper theft, but it was quickly realized that fiber was a faster, more reliable conduit.

In the early 2010s when the fiber industry started to kick off in South Africa, Greg seized the opportunity to roll out fiber-to-the-home–helping to connect cities and rural communities across South Africa.


It didn’t take long for Greg and his team of engineers and network operators to realize that to scale quickly and efficiently, they needed to automate the operations and business processes all the way from concept and feasibility, through installation and provisioning, to operations management and customer service.

Out of need – because what they were looking for didn’t exist – Greg and his team developed the AEX | Automation Exchange software platform to automate and manage all the business processes needed to operate a fiber network. Today, AEX’s software is widely used in South Africa, serving as the backbone for fiber network operators and ISPs across the country.



Now headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, AEX operations, IP, and management team are US-based and strategically located to ensure seamless support for US clients.

AEX has successfully executed live deployments in Washington and North Carolina, catering to both private and public sectors, and serving both Open & Closed Access networks.